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7 Last Minute DIY Halloween Dog Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner! Do you and your doggo have a costume yet?  I have loved dressing our dogs up over the years, and creating quick and easy DIY costumes for them to wear on our walk around the neighbourhood on Halloween evening. Plus, it always makes a good photo-opt! 

Whether you’re crafting your own costume for your pup, or buying a last minute costume from your local pet store, here are some of my favourite looks for the spooktacular night. 

Beanie Babies

Red golden retriever dog dressed as a beanie baby for halloween at Toronto Dog Mom halloween event.

The 90’s girl inside me absolutely LOVED this idea when I found it on Pinterest. It was so easy to recreate and highly recommend – everyone loved it. 

Care Bear 

More specifically, Koda is the Cheer Bear this year. We bought a child’s fuzzy sweater with bear ears on the hood from Amazon and created the patch on Canva, then used a hot glue gun to put it all together.


I mean, perfect for if it’s raining outside too! Grab a balloon and you’re ready to go. 


Have an old white sheet hanging around? Turn it into a cute ghost costume. Works for humans too! 


While this may not stay on the longest either, it’s super cute and super simple. 


German shepherd in a Dobby from Harry Potter Dog Costume on a front lawn decorated in halloween decorations and fallen autumn leaves.

This is what our Koda girl was last year! Super easy and we purchased a t-shirt from the dollar store and tacked a sock onto the front. 


Couple and their dog dressed in Star Wars Halloween Costumes as Princess Leia, Hans Solo and Chewbacca.

Super cute family costume and fairly easy to DIY if you’re crafty!

Don’t forget to always measure your doggo before making anything and ensure they’re comfortable, whatever it is you’re dressing them up as! 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween! 🎃👻