5 Things You Can Do With Your Dogs During Social Distancing

Our two dogs, Ace and Koda, have been especially happy that both my husband and I have been home for the past month. Even though it’s been so nice to snuggle them and keep them (us) company all day, I have to say, it’s been challenging to keep up a routine that we’ll also be able to stick to when hopefully this is all over with. Our dog Koda, was particularly sensitive as a puppy and had bouts of separation anxiety, so routine is very important for us. If you’re looking for some ideas about keeping a routine and things to do with your pups during this time, I’ve put together a few things you can do with your pups while social distancing.

1. Groom, Trim, Bathe and Brush Those Teeth!

Just like humans, dogs need some self-care too. Specifically if you have a breed that needs daily brushing or maintenance. I shared a video of my husband and I blow drying and brushing Ace a few nights ago and had a few people reach out thanking us for the inspiration. It’s not an easy job. And with dog groomers closed, now is a great time to start doing something at home. We’ve also got into the habit of brushing the dogs’ teeth every evening. They both have plaque build-up (gross, I know). But it’s something that we need to manage and being in lock-down means we really have no excuse.

2. Daily Walks

Now this is obviously something you should be doing every day anyway, but my tip is to keep the timing of the walks consistent with your typical daily workday. If you usually walk the dog at 7am, try to keep that time frame. Same thing goes for daily feeding routines. The more you can keep consistent,  the better for you and your pet.

3. Subscribe to a Monthly Box

If funds allow, consider subscribing to a monthly box for your doggo. Something like Woof Pack could be a great way to get monthly treats and new toys without having to leave your home. These boxes also help to support local vendors in your community.

4. De-clutter Their Toys

We have a massive, massive, toy bin for our dogs and they probably play with 4 toys (2 of which are the exact same). Anyone else? Well…there’s a cute game you can play with your dogs to de-clutter. Pull a toy out one by one with your dogs, shake it or squeak it – anything to get their attention directed towards it – if they grab it and play or seem interested, it stays. If they couldn’t care less, it goes in the ‘wash and donate’ pile. Toss whatever is ripped or too worn.

5. Keep Their Mind (And Yours) Busy

This is a great time to teach your pet new tricks, work on existing behaviours and introduce new stimulating games. My absolute favourite game to play with the dogs is hide and seek. In our 2-bedroom apartment, we don’t have that many places to hide, so we have to get a bit creative. I have the dogs sit, stay and wait. I go hide and then give them to command to “find me” (once only). If you have another person in the house, as an added stimulant, you can get the dog to smell a piece of the other person’s clothing to pick up their scent. It’s so funny to watch them run around the house looking for you. Even better? Do this when it’s dark out and lights off (obviously don’t have any dangerous things laying about…).

What other ways are you keeping busy with your pups?

Fashion Lifestyle Photography

Winter Outfit Idea

This outfit is the perfect shine meets casual look for the winter season. I love pairing blouses with denim – it’s my go-to outfit no matter the occasion! Take a look at the outfit below with our pups, Ace & Koda. You can follow their adventures on Instagram here.

Here we took the pups for a nice little stroll before it got too dark outside. This was a little time ago at the beginning of November when Koda was so much smaller! She is almost 4 months now and a lot more light in the face! She’s growing into her paws and we are so curious if those ears of hers are actually going to stand up! And not pictured here – it was 3 degrees and cold! That scarf kept me nice and toasty, but my nose was chilly by the end of it!

Special thanks to Christina Davis of Magic in Colours Photography for the mini-shoot! Check out her social pages here: Instagram and Facebook link above!


The Outfit:

  • Coat is from Forever21 last season, find a similar one here from the Gap
  • Blouse from Anthropologie
  • Denim from the Gap, similar pair here
  • Chunky Infinity Knit Scarf from the Gap a few seasons ago, similar one here (right now under $12!!)
  • Necklace from Anthropologie, similar one here
  • Shoes from Call it Spring, similar ones here

What are some of your go-to winter outfits? Let me know in the comments below!



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Our Fall Adventure

I’ve always grown up with dogs as part of the family. When we lost our family dog, Bear, five years ago, it was one of the hardest things I had to go through. He had been in my life since I was six years old.  Always there to greet us when we got home from school to show his unconditional love. I had always pictured my life with a dog in it, and when it wasn’t, I couldn’t help but feel like there was something missing.

We adopted Ace two years ago this coming December. I cannot tell you how much joy he has brought to our life, but more importantly how amazing it feels to love something so unconditionally. Taking care of a dog has been a lot of work and has taken a lot of patience. And I mean a lot of patience. But our training is finally paying off. Everyday there’s something new and everyday his personality shows us something new.

My favourite time of the year is Fall and dare I say Winter! I love being outdoors hiking and exploring with my fiancé and our pup. I’ve always had an attachment to nature and country-like settings as it reminds me of spending my childhood, spending summers up north at my Grandparents house.

Take a look to see our little mini photo shoot by Magic in Colours Photography.


Ontario is so beautiful during this season. How do you enjoy fall? Let me know in the comments below!